We will provide your children with holidays that they will be happy to remember, while simultaneously helping them to improve their English language skills.

And what does such a camp with us look like?

Camp has a daily form. We start with a warm-up every morning so we start the day off in a great mood and with a lot of enthusiasm 🙂 Sporting activities are always part of the camp. Included are the Olympic Games, running, jumping on trampolines, soccer, and other team games. For those who like handicrafts, there are always some workshops such as drawing on textiles (T-shirts, scarves), making candles and bracelets, making postcards, photo frames, and more. Through song and dance we acquire new words and we get the chance to move around a lot, so the music from the camp cannot be missed.

We communicate primarily in English throughout the camp. But, there is no need to worry because there is always a supervisor who speaks the local language. Children will feel safe and secure. When teaching, we use aids that make it playful.

I highly recommend this summer camp for children. They have a wide variety of games, and excursions including: roasting sausages in the forest and visiting a farm and other activities. It’s all in English under the supervision of experienced trainers and pedagogical staff. I hope the camp will return next year. 


Sofia's mommy

The playful way to learn English

Our camps are focused on teaching the English language in a playful way. Exciting entertainment, singing, dancing and sports activities are all included, so children can naturally acquire English knowledge.

The World is our friend

With English teaching, students strive to learn about different countries, cultures and customs. In order to enrich the English camps, the school works actively with foreign lecturers.

Always quality over quantity

We prefer quality over quantity and therefore there are not more than 15 children in one term. This allows children to become more involved in each activity, and we give special attention to each child.

It is amazing when my son comes to me and asks me how long I will still be in a summer camp? I was afraid that he no longer wants to go! But he told me “no daddy”! I am just terribly looking forward!!!! That says it all. I RECOMMEND this camp, especially since the location is close to the house. There are no traffic jams, no waste of time. Just a five minute ride on the bike, and we are there.”


Tomas's daddy