We are a group of people convinced that our world has so much to offer. The many challenges, the opportunities, that we encounter means we must be prepared. In order to experience all the world has to offer we need to have strong communication skills and learn a foreign language. One of the most important languages is English.

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We are here for your kids to help prepare them to be world ready, fully participating citizens. English is only a means to achieve this goal.


In practice, we find that there is so much more emphasis on grammar which often leads to fear of speaking. Speaking with correct grammar is important, but it is even more imperative that a person is comfortable verbally expressing themselves without fear or mistakes. Here in Bettys Academy we strongly believe that games have the great potential to nurture a child’s natural abilities. Games are the most effective means of breaking down potential barriers to learning such as fear.  If you would like your child to have a smile on their face and at the same time receive a solid foundation in the English language

you are in the right place 😉


My name is Alžbeta Dobešová. As a child, I always pretended to be a teacher. I would make my dolls the students and I would teach them something. I always loved being with children and working with them inspires me.  

At eighteen, for the first time, I left my home and   traveled to the USA. I remember one particular experience at the airport. One woman asked me “How are you?” I froze. I didn’t know how to answer. I was so afraid of saying something even though at that point I had been learning English for eight years. Even though I was afraid of speaking, my desire to travel and getting to know different countries was stronger than my fear of communicating in a language that is not my own. Living and traveling in an English speaking country allowed me to use English all the time which helped me gradually overcome this fear. After I returned home I started to teach English in a language school.

While I was teaching at the language school my sister asked me to help her son with English. I saw my nephew’s English language textbooks and work pages. I was shocked at the teaching methods in these materials to learn English. That was the moment when I decided to focus on teaching English to children. I have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, I also graduated from the Teaching Training Academy Kids English Theater. My education never stops, I’m always looking for ways to learn and improve my teaching skills to help children be the best they can be using English.

I’m here to help your children prepare to be confident, English speakers. 



Our enthusiasm and passion shows in every aspect of our work.


We pledge clear, honest, and open communication with all whom are involved with your child’s learning journey. 


We not only believe in what we do but we take full responsibility for it.



"My child enjoyed it. He looked forward to it because he didn't see it as learning and that speaks for itself."
"It was fun. My child always looked forward to class."
"After this course, my son now has a smile on his face whenever he hears the word "English." It was priceless."