The playful way to learn English

About Us

We are a local NGO and we inspire children to learn how to communicate in English. We organize camps where children can spend quality and meaningful time where they play, dance, paint and sing. We are also familiar with the countries on our beautiful planet. We talk about different cultures, customs, and therefore we respect every human being, show solidarity and thus we can create a better world with each other.

"We want to inspire children so that they are an inspiration to others."

I can fully recommend the summer camp. It takes place under the supervision of experienced educators in a playful way. Children have a varied program in the fresh air every day, of course, with temperature conditions taken into consideration. Spaces are always carefully selected so we can also provide excellent food. A great way to fill the holidays during the holidays. 


Sofia's and Aneta's mommy

Our team

Alžbeta Dobešová

Alžbet is an eternal world traveler, and we usually find her in Slovakia through the summer 🙂 She is TEFL-certified, and has several years of experience with children in teaching English in Slovakia and abroad. She studied economics and tourism management.

Alžbeta Szaniewska

Alžbetka has several years of pedagogical experience in working with children of pre-school and school-age and with her three sons. 🙂 She has studied pedagogy and is our pedagogical supervisor in the camps.

Veronika Verešová

Veronika has a graduated economic field with a pedagogy minimum. She is in charge of all paperwork in Bettys – Accounting and everything related to it. She is a mom of five, an economist, a company manager, and a woman who doesn’t deny new challenges.

The world is our friend

Thank you very much. There is nothing else I can write, other than a warm recommendation for children who have not yet tried the camp. It has an interesting and diverse program for children, especially how English is taught in a playful way. Lucka went home satisfied and always boasted about new experiences. On the final day of camp, I appreciated watching the children put on a show that displayed what they learned all week and added a lot of photos. Lucka is already looking forward to another meeting with super animators. I recommend it to everyone and hope to see everyone again next year 🙂


Lucka's mommy